Monday, December 24, 2012

Keep the traditions...Read Luke 2. I love the Christmas Story.

Well well well
Tomorrow is the big day that i get to hear your voices. It hasnt hit me like it did back in may that i will hear your voices. I have been so busy. Christmas conference in baguio was fun but quick There was a great workshop and the food was amazing. There was a chocolate fountain, and i was shocked they had marshmellows and that good stuff and of course rice. I havent met elder campbell yet but he's here. This week is a big week for the tagalan family. On wednesday they and the branch president will talk to the parents of sister rhea about her marriage and baptism. Once they have the go from the parents then i know she will accept the IBD. She wantes to be baptized but family is everything to a filipino and the thought of displeasing your family is avoided at all costs. Hopefully it happens even if im not here in february which is high because the training of my elder is about to finish. I could train here again it just depends. Well im getting back into shape i can dunk on the 8 and half foot rim now. Pathetic i know. Dallin gherkins emailed me and i haven't grinned that hard in so long. We watched the christmas carol for conference and we had our fingers crossed for the dark knight or the hobbit but then again i know president and that wasnt going to happen. The movie was great. The temple i think will start in early spring of 2013 im so excited. The IBD's are progressing but the dad is starting to waver. We need the help of the elders quorum. We'll look at the "three words video" on presidents blog that should be cool. In the call lets just talk about important stuff haha. I had to speak in english last night because there was a family from india that wanted to hear our beliefs but werent interested in being taught. I had no english materials and i even reached in to give them a pamphlet and realized that it was Tagalog. So now i will carry the articles of faith in english where ever i go. Well i have plenty of socks guys. The packages are all here, we have a christmas tree, the food is great, and the music is just what i needed. I love the savior, redeemer of my soul. It's amazing and of course the poor wayfaring man of grief. Also the book is amazing. I'm understanding the true christmas really. I love CD's with church music. If you can find one with the hark! listen to the trumpeteers on it thats awesome. I liked the letters from the other missionaries of the ward. Some gave me hope and i felt the spirit. Dad the other day i had a funny memory after i gave my talk. I remember one time in the kensington ward you were on the stand and lexi and i were sitting next to each other and i jabbed her in the ribs with my elbow. Mom took the handout hit my knee. Then i looked up and saw your face you had your fingers to your lips with your thumb on your chin and stared at me for a good 10 seconds back. Then it wasnt funny, but i laughed when i remember things like that you sitting on the stand. I cant believe that happened to grandma barney. Accidents do happen. We just try our best not to repeat them. Spencer frame what i great kid i bet a great missionary i know that. I hope to see him at byu such an awesome friend and example to me during my junior year of high school. A very rocky year for us all right?? Lexi find friends like him. 
"D" when we call im going to call you by your nickname. I know youre not a baby anymore, but when we talk i still see you as i left you. I know that the christmas story is this. The son of god was born into this world the only light of hope to save mankind and stand up to the evil one. The atonement is everything, and even though i will never understand the atonement fully. The study of it has brought the spirit of christmas into my life and made the weight of the work light. Keep up our traditions. Read luke 2 even though I'm not there. Read the first presidency message and watch the mormon tabernacle musical which I'd love to see haha. Love you all ~Elder Barney

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